Collegiate Athletics…is a "free ride" fair?

I’ve held a long standing opinion that college athletes are some of the most “used” and “abused” workforce in the world.  These athletes give countless hours of each and every day of their life as good will ambassadors for their Colleges.  They risk life long injury, sacrifice many experiences and work through painful workouts all in the name of being a good representative for their College. At the same time these athletes are expected to take a full course load and not permitted to have an outside income.  Most College athletes hope and dream that one day they will make $$ from their efforts but MOST do not ever make it to their pay day in professional sports, in fact studies show that only 1% of them turn PRO.

The problem is most apparent in HIGH DOLLAR sports like Men’s NCAA Division 1 Football and Basketball.  These sports are CASH COWS for colleges and all they can give as payment to the athletes that make them millions is a measly “scholarship”.  Many think College athletes should be giddy about the opportunity of a “free education” while  the colleges, coaches, media, athletic gear companies, video games, agents, etc… rake in MILLIONS of dollars. WHAT is up with that???  I can’t see how it’s fair to the athlete! It’s modern day Slavery!!

For the first time in years I’ve been given a little bit of hope that there will be some sort of a solution to this unfair system…

The NCAA’s new president, Emmert acknowledges it’s time for a serious discussion about whether and how to spread a little more of the largesse to those doing the playing and sweating. READ more here …..

He certainly is not offering the moon, but a little “extra” compensation is a start.  I applude him for opening the possibility, but I implore you Mr. Emmert to consider offering these athletes a bit bigger piece of the pie.

What is your opinion on this topic?  I’d love to hear your input!



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