New Month: New Shoes

April is upon us!! A new month to make a new agenda for…I have to admit March was not my best month fitness wise or goal wise.  My goal was to tackle my time management issues, however I think my time management was worse than ever in March, lol!!  The bright side of my “time management” introspection made me realize more than ever: I work best flying by the seat of my pants; Too much planning stresses me out!  I’ve also learned that LISTS vs. Schedules work best for me.  Loads of LISTS are on the horizon for me!! 

I feel like my blogs have been boring as of late- to break that cycle I plan on working off a theme for this April.  Having a theme really helps keep my mind flowing allowing my blog to be informative vs. just a journal.  I invite you to share in my theme or work off your own theme when blogging this April.   April’s theme will be “Athletic April”.  I’ll strive to give you my thoughts on all sorts of athletic topics, ideas, products, trends, personalities, etc…
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Professional Sports
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Today I want to start off by talking a bit about Athletic footwear!  I love shoes- I have many shoes of all sorts.  Athletic footwear is a love of mine- just today I bought 3 pairs of shoes from   I had a rewards circle coupon to save $20 and I also save a bundle by purchasing 2 clearance pairs of shoes.  My 11 year old son wears the same size shoe as me at the moment- so I figured I could “share” his shoes just like he shares mine-  the 2 pairs I got are 1 pair of women’s R4 Nike running shoes, 1 pair of boys R4 Nike running shoes and 1 pair of boys Under Armour Basketball shoes.

Basically the first pair is the only one meant for me- the other 2 for my son.  He’s growing so fast and he’s been wanting a pair of BB shoes for some time.  I’ve been wearing R4 Nike running shoes for the past 8 years.  They are what work for me and I hope Nike keeps making them forever. The style of shoe fits my foot and provides the exact support I desire in a running shoe.  My running is not long distance- the furthest I run at any given time is 3-4 miles.  My main concern is that my shoes look good, feel supportive and allow me to run FAST!!

I just got a pair of new running shoes at Christmas, but they are already getting worn on the heel as I strike on the outer  back corner predominantly thus wearing that corner out fast leading to an unstable foot landing.  I figured I’d better get a new pair that is not worn out on the back corner since I don’t want anything to lead to me rolling my ankle again.  My running shoes typically break down after about 4-6 months of use.  During those months I use the shoes solely for running. Then after I get a new pair I’ll graduate my old pairs to casual wear and use during other fitness activities like weight training.  The way I know it’s time to retire a pair of running shoes is based upon how worn they get on the sole and how much pain I feel during my runs in my shins, knees and hips.  Once shoes are old my pain increases~ It’s then time to get a new pair. 

When it comes to the price of running shoes you really do get what you pay for.  Don’t get sucked into buying a cheap pair. The R4’s I’ve purchased today cost $129 but I’ve spent up to $179 on my running shoes in the past.  Staying healthy is worth the cost!

Let’s have an ATHLETIC April!!

Your athletic friend,




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