Ctrl + Alt + Delete REBOOT!

Ctrl+Alt+Delete is what I feel like doing to the past week of my NONEXISTENT fitness life- I have not worked out at all since last Tuesday!  a recent record of inactivity for me…NOW, It’s time to RE-BOOT and get focused again.  My ankle and bladder are both doing much better and overall I feel better the rest was worth it and very helpful.  During the down time, I’ve made progress on my taxes.  I’m hoping to have them completely done by the end of the week!  It will be a HUGE load off of my mind.

My fitness Re-boot plan has 2 main goals for the next 2 weeks (I’ll be Boosting)-

1. REHAB ankle- focus on keeping to progressing towards becoming 100%- meaning I can’t challenge it too much but It’s time for me to start increasing it’s flexibility, strength and balance again.

2. REGAIN my fitness level- I’ve only been injured for 2.5 weeks, but fitness loss happens fast- I need to get back to consistent gym workouts and be sure to re-establish coordination, speed, agility and skills for football.

Beyond these 2 main goals- The rest of my Mindset will revolve around the fact that I am “Boosting”-

“Boosting” Mindset and Key Actions:

¢Work out for a stress release; “something” is better than nothing. 
¢Body is poised to build muscle, so use it!
¢Any and all cardio is great, just get moving
¢Maintenance of weight loss from Buffing- take a break from your caloric deficit and aim to maintain
¢Take an extra day of rest if needed; work out only 3-5 days per week
¢Rest a bit more- slow the pace
¢Realize,  “It’s just my hormones”
¢Boost your metabolism- eat to fuel your workouts
¢Maintain your weight loss
¢Cut back on workout frequency or duration
¢Take the Purple Hormonal Timing Boosting  Pill (Supplement)
Please also remember the 2011 Super STAR Success contest is finishing up– last day is April 2nd- entries due April 11th~ we’ve had some awesome success stories!! Can’t wait to see who wins the Prize- a 3 day visit with ME!  I’ll be taking my stats and pictures on Saturday 🙂


Have a great day!!




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