Tally-Licious Tuesday!!

Hey Chickas!!  What a super fun yet exhausting weekend I had!  It was all good despite my sprained ankle….Travis and I went out on a date Friday night and on a whim decided to stay at a hotel vs. going home- It was so fun to get away for a night with HIM!!  Then on Saturday we kept busy with some good family time then finished the night by watching the UFC event!  It was really fun to see the fits all go the way I wanted!!  Sunday was a bit more active- we had several errands to run and my son had footbal practice.  I skipped my football practice again- which made me sad!  I was very frustrated about my ankle sprain Sunday afternoon~ but my man made me feel better by playing catch with me.  I couldn’t move around too much but It was really fun and I felt so much better after wards!

My workouts for the weekend were non- existant, which is not what I planned, but I’m not regretting it.  I needed the time off my ankle and needed the quality time much more than I needed to go to the gym.

Yesterday I hit the gym for a good sweaty workout- and the TWO WEEK TALLY helped push me harder!!
Tan for warm up

knee ups on bench 3 sets

pull ups
10, 8

intervals on r bike- these felt great!! 20 mins

Pull ups 11
Roman chair knee ups 2 sets
Lower back extensions- 1 set

Then I was going to do more cardio on the elliptical but my ankle didn’t like that motion- so I opted to lift a bit more to get in more workout time

Seated One arm rows
70x15x2 sets
Bicep Curls

Tally recap-

Workout time- 60mins= 15 points- 20 min lifting; 20 min intervals; 20 min lifting
Bench- 6 sets= 10 pts
Pull ups- 3 sets= 5
Abs- 6 sets=5

Diet=5 points- weird eating day….I didn’t have appetitie- plus my bladder was bothering me a bit
4- P’s protein powder (2), hamburger (2)

5- Greens
Salsa (2) and I guess I could counts some corn for the chips I ate with it 🙂
Tomoato sauce
Green beans- raw

TOTAL for day 1/14= 40points

Have a Tally-licious  TUESday ladies!!

“Two week TALLY!” RR contest~!!


Here’s how it will work- Starting today Sept 27th and Ending October 10th we’ll TALLY points for 2 weeks based upon how we eat and what we do for exercise- it’s easy to get points and it’ll be easy to tally up if you make it a habit to blog your eats and workout daily.


5 protein portions in a day 5 points
5 total portions of  fruits or veggies/greens in a day 5 points



Each 20 minutes of any exercise 5 points
3 sets of Squats  5 points
3 sets of Bench or DB
Presses or Push-Ups
5 points
3 sets of Pull-ups (assisted or inverted) or Lat Pull-downs 5 points
5 sets of AB/Core exercises 5 points
100 lunges 5 points

A great goal is to shoot for at least 15 points every day…but honestly you could attain more than 40 points in a day! 

Let’s go for it and see how many points we can tally over the next 2 weeks!  It’s up to you to tally your points- I’d suggest doing it daily in your blog!

To officially participate:

  1. Count your point tally
  2. Submit your final 2 week tally on “FINAL TALLY” post  we are done!

2 weeks is the perfect amount of time to stay FOCUSED!! Let’s go for some HIGH SCORES!!


**notes about counting***

I’d like to keep the point counting very simple. 

The points are 5 for each 3 sets of an exercise …no dividing.  So if you do 3 sets you get 5, if you do 6 sets you can get 10. But if you do only 2 sets you get 0 points and the betweens (4 or 5 sets) don’t count towards points.

Same thing with the food, 5 points for if you get 5 p’s, but 0 points if you get 4 protiens eaten.

5 for if you get in 5 friuts or veggies- 0 if you get in only 4.

some examples-

15 points  for a 60 min long workout

5 for 5 sets squats

5 for 3 sets of bench press

5 for your fruits/veggies

0 points for 4 portions of proteins

For a total of 30 points for a day- that’s awesome cheerleaders



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