Back to Life~

Well…I feel as though today life is back to normal.  The past week was crazy with all sorts of new things, appt, visits, b-days, trips, etc. happening.  Now today is NORMAL! NORMAL is good cheerleaders

My foot/ankle is healing well but still rather swollen- I think that if I can get the swelling out of it I’ll be good to go! Any tips??

I know that alternating heating/icing, light movement and massage are is good therapies for swelling- but if anyone knows of some “secret” balm, soak or method- let me know  🙂

Last week was by far my worst week of the contest for workouts- I was dealing with too many abnormal scheduel disturbances to get to the gym like I wanted….I did get in 2 lifting workouts, 2 football practices, 1 run outside for the week, but that’s not nearly the pace I’ve been on, nor is it the goal.

This week I will get to the gym more- since I am not able to run or able to practice at football.  The plan is as follows:
T- chest/tris/ABS
W- Legs/Abs
Fri, Sat, Sun- REPEAT the same 3 days-

Today is my first official day of buffing- Cycle day 5- and GREENS are GOING DOWN into my BELLY~!!!  LOVE Them!!!

I’ll be back in a bit with my workout report,




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