Baby Calves that is 🙂   They are everywhre here in the fields and so CUTE!!  I just love how they are always running around and full of spunk! 

I had a good day yesterday- I took it off and feel so much more refreshed and energized today because of it!!  Hubby got back into town last night- It’s so good to have him home.  Right after I picked him up we HIT the OUTBACK for some filet, ceasar salad, green beans and of couse some coconut shrimp!! YUMMY it was perfect!!

Today, I just got done with an appt. at the accountant, have a coaching call at 12, a trainining session @ 1 and then another call at 3pm- BUSY, BUSY Friday here!!  Maybe at 2 I can get in a run and then later workout with my hubby, and at some point also work on my passing/catching with my son and/or hubby.  It’s gorgeous here today- I’ve gotta get outside and enjoy it some!!

I’ve been having 26 day cycles the last few months ,but this month I went a bit longer- YAY!! Eating more, supplementing and consisten workouts are to thank for that!  It was 29 days–  I hope I stay at 28-29 days for next cycle too….A great app that I use for my I-phone to track my cycle days is : FMC Menstrual Calendar by Tamtris Web Services

Today is cycle day 1- weight 129
tummy upset- very normal for me on cday 1
pain- medium, I have a bit of sciatic irriation- normal for me this cycle day
last night had night sweats and had to get up to pee 2x’s- expelling water!!
no zits
clear head
a bit tired this morning- but good energy now

C.Date Mood Stress Anxiety Pain Craving Bloat Fatigue


happy medium low med-low low- no hunger upset tummy but low bloat Needed some extra sleep- but now feel good energy

Well, I have not eaten anything yet today- I’ve only had coffee with some sugar and cream! So I MUST go feed myself!





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