Help! Kidnapped by Hormones!

I feel like I’ve been kidnapped and taken to some cabin where technology is not availiable.  I’ve barely been online today- which is odd for me.  It’s not such a bad thing- I was a bit too addicted to my computer.  A little break from “surfing the net” is good for my productivity.  It helps me HUNKER DOWN and get things done.

As for workouts- yesterday I sqautted a recent PB of 185×4 for my final set and WOW! I feel it in my hips today!!!!

Today’s workout was with a couple of my football teammates Katrina and Kelsey.  We had fun!!   It’s really cool to workout with a couple of women who are tough and agressive on the weights!!  We did chest press, bench press, seated rows, ab crunch machine, incline flys, knee ups on bench, Lat pull downs, roman chair knee ups.

My MIL is visting this month from MN so- I’ve been spending some good quality time with her….and we’ve had sickness going around our house.  Layla was home today with it and I’m hoping that will be the end of it.

Well I should be around more now that TOM is almost here- it’s cycle day 27 and I weighed in 2 pounds down today at 128.  That means it’s eminent!!

I’m off to bed!




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