It's the Chicken! day 30/70 SSS 2011

What came first, the “Chicken or the Egg?” I believe, It’s the Chicken! If you want to see change in our world; If you want childhood obesity to end; If you want diseases like diabetes, heart disease and cancer irraticated…. YOu must realize you are a “CHICKEN” and what YOU DO shapes the future of the world!!

Mothers shape the world!!
As a Mother- You hold a very unique key to the Legacy of your family. Mother’s your children are yours to mold. You are in charge of their diet and activity level. Take charge by being an example in your house.

Mother’s you shape the world. What you expect from your children molds them into who they will become. How many of you want your children to be healthy and strong adults? Stupid question huh. But how many of us are not strong and healthy ourselves. How can we expect are children to be something we ourselves are not. Children learn by example. They want to eat what you eat (sometimes). They want to do what you do, like exercise .

You are Not just impacting you but the future generations

A legacy impacts all future generations! If you leave for instance a legacy of wealth. Think how many future gererations benfit from that. In the same regard a legacy of health and fitness passes through the generations also.

Mothering MATTERS!! ….Monkey See, Monkey Do

Children learn by example not by what you preach at or desire for your children. If you are not exercising and eating right Your children will not either- Monkey See, Monkey DO. If you are not setting a healty example for your children they will grow up dealing with obesity and unhealthy eating habits.

There are many members of BuffMother! who’s sole motivation to get in shape is for their children. You must step out and do this for your children. Every mother that is out of shaoe and unhealthy thinks I do not want my children to end up like me but the only way to prevent that is by them leading by example.

If you step up your expectations by decicing to be EXCELLENT by putting taking care of your physical body your children will look at you like you are a hero! They will appreciate all your effort and dermination and along the way they will learn such valuable lessons that will change the Legacy of your family.

You are in charge of the meals and the routine of your household
You are the Leader of your home
You set the legacy for your family
Do it for your family
Be the best mother you can be and along the way get buff yourself
Childhood obesity is such a huge problem in our society today. Why?? Lack of helthy example in the home
We need to set the standard in our home
The CHICKEN came before the egg ….You are a CHICKEN!!


This “Chicken” has been kicking tail on workouts, eats and being MOMMY this week!! My weight is 128 today on cycle day 14- 1 pound off of my buffing goal-3 more days left of buffing- so I’ll hit my goal NO PROBLEM.

Yesterday’s workout was 5 min run for warm up then 5 100m sprints and tons of short sprints while practicing football passing with my son, then later we lifted chest/tri’s- I was BEAT last night after all that!!

Today’s a busy day because of football practice tonight. I’m going to have my neices come over to sit with the kids while I go to practice. It’s going to add a ton of driving to my day- but at least I won’t have to bring the kids to football with me.



p.s. thought I’d share some of the stuff I’ve been googling today:

Erin Andrews- reporter for ESPN:

Allison Stokke- pole vaulter- no official website

Lolo Jones:

Holly Holm: MMA fighter-

Maria Sharapova: tennis player and model-…

Women’s Football: and



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