I am here!

Just wanted you to know that I AM here 🙂 Just been busy offline with the kids being out of school still….FYI they’ve had a total of 3 days of school this month, lol! And I’m going a bit BANANAs Don’t get me wrong I love my kids. I just don’t love the extra mess, laundry, cooking, dishes, dirt, complaning, fighting, etc…that goes with having them home so much in the middle of the winter!! I am so excited I just found out that my kids will make up a snow day this MONDAY insead of having the HOLIDAY (Pres. day)off!!! Life will finally be “normal” for about month until we have spring break.

Travis’ birthday was on Wed. and it was fun!! I bought him a hunting gun He was very happy!! And we also got him a pair of nice jeans from the Buckle.

Wednesday workout: Back, Shoulders, Biceps, run intervals- all 1 mins recovery, last 2 hard intervals 2 mins long. Total distance in 20 mins including warm up- 2.27miles

Thursday workout: Chest/Triceps
Bench paired with 45×15, 85×10, 135x8x3
Triceps dips on bench 15 repx 3sets

Incline Hammer press 90x10x3sets
paired with tricep extension machine 55#x10x3sets

Incline flys 35’sx10x3
paired with cable tricep push downs 80x10x3sets

Tricep extensions with barbell

abs during workout- 2 sets of each: knee ups on bench, knee ups on roman chair, decline sit ups with oblique twists

Today POA: outside run in about 20 mins refuel and CLEAN My HOUSE!!
Legs this late afternoon @ gym

Keep up the super awesome encouragement- I just love coming to the RR and reading how amazing you are!! thanks!!




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