Team Atmosphere = Energy! Day 21/70

I am so exctied at how well this past 2 weeks of Boosting went for me. Despite having horrible weather, I got in a ton of stellar workouts and did relatively well on my diet!! This SSS contest has really been what I needed~ I am so inspired and energized by everyone else’s effort!! WOW!! it’s so fun to have such an amazing TEAM Atmosphere, thanks!!!

My poa for the week is:

Buffing!! start weight 132 on cycle day 5- goal is 127 by the end of buffing phase- I plan to stay on creatine and NOXS but clean up my eating and add in more running/cardio during the next 2 weeks. I will keep up my goal to lift 5-6 days a week.

M- legs and abs
T- run outside, back, sh, biceps, abs
W- chest/Tris/ intervals (non running)- Travis’ birthday!!!
Thurs- run
Fri-leg and abs
Sat- upper body and run
Sun- football practice

Have you made your plan of attack for the week??

Let’s get after it!!!


P.S. Please be sure to check in with your progress by commenting on the following blog post please:

And don’t foget….this week’s Mini-Challenge is NO DAIRY~



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