Looking back at 2010! Day 11/70 of SSS2011

It’s a month into 2011 and I am finally getting my new year mojo cranked up!! I’ve been thinking a lot about what adventure lies ahead for this year, which in turn got me thinking about some of the fun positves from last year:

Took a family vacation to World’s of FUN- I love roller coasters!!

My little brother came to visit

I got to go to AZ to visit my little sister

We got a puppy- Sweet Cuji, my “angel puppy from heaven”

We had our first official “BuffMother” gathering in California- thanks Julie for inviting us there!!

I successfully rehabed my sciatic injury, my legs are stronger now than they’ve been in ages

I started playing tennis and improved dramatically- what a fun way to enjoy the warm summer with my hubby!!

I got to go to VEGAS as the winner of the “Train with Ava” Sweepstakes

My son hit his stride as a true football player- linebacker fit him well!

I became a sponsored physique model- Thanks NRG-X Labs!

I could go on and on…There were a lot of positives in 2010!! Can’t wait for even more in 2011~!!

On tap for today is a leg workout- It’ll be an at home version, but I’ll do my best!

Football practice was canceled last night but I do need to do some catching and drills in my living room tonight to keep my skills improving. I know I can improve on my ball skills! I ventured out for a drive to the PO today and man!! it was icy out there…School is off again tomorrow!

Let’s keep striving for more fun adventure in 2011~!!




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