Puppy's first grooming ~ LOL

Okay, I feel like I’ve turned into a crazy woman. I’m titling my blog post about my puppy getting her first grooming??? I am one sad soul- HA!! You’ll know I’ve gone totally mad if I suddenly have the urge to become a cheerleader, lol! Not that I have anything against those who are cheerleaders or love that sport, but it’s never been “MY THING”- and neither have prissy pets.  Now at the age of 35.5 I have my first puppy- a lap dog, pretty little white Maltese who’s going to the salon today to get pampered!  HA!

Last night was my first football practice of my life.  WOW! I can’t believe it! Glad the opportunity is here and that all the ladies on the team were so cool!  I’ve forgotten how fun being on a TEAM sport can be.  I grew up playing soccer in Colorado, then played Softball and Basketball along with running Track and Cross Country as a teen in MN.  Sports really teach great lessons and are such a fun way to meet and interact with others.  I really need to be sure that my girls get involved in team sports soon! 

I headed out with my 3 girls in tow at about 5:10 since traffic would most likely be a bit tough.  It took me about 40 mins to get there- so I got there early like I had wanted at about 10 till 6.  When I arrived there were 2 other women there and shortly the head coach came.  I got a chance to visit with him a bit and realized our sons had played each other during a tournament in November (the one I missed when I went to California for our Team BuffMother gathering).  It’s a small world of football in Northwest AR! The practice started about 10 mins late- we were inside an elementary school gym.  It was nice and warm.  Perfect for January football, lol!  I started the practice time warming with some catch.  Then we got to it:

High knees to half court, jog it out x2
Side shuffle, jog it out x2
Butt Kicks to half court, jog it out x2
Side lunge squats to half court, jog it out x2
Open Hip walk forward x2
Open Hip walk backward x2
Alternating toe touch walk x2

Partner stretching- straddle to rt, straddle to left, straddle to middle
Leg stretch- 3 hammie stretches knee straight opposite leg straight, + 3 with added resistance

Offensive play walk troughs- we did this for about 45mins- I filled the TE/WR position and was the only player without pads on- need to get some asap 🙂

Then more conditioning-

Short sprints- to half court starting from stance(I used a 3 point)- I’d like to improve on my initial speed here x4
Short sprints- to half court then jog it out x 4
ABS- sit ups with legs out straight lower slowly
Sit ups with knees bent
Leg raises from 6″ to 10″ inch position one at a time and then together
30 supermans

I am sore today mostly in my hip flexors and excited to find some shoulder pads before the next practice.

IN some sad news last night I found out about a Young 4th grade boy from my daughter’s school dying from a soccer goal falling on him at school. My kids and I were heartbroken to hear the news~ especially my 9 year old daughter.  She was really, really upset!

Today’s plan is to get this dog to the groomer and for me to head to the gym (my salon, lol) for some killer weights and cardio and some sauna. I have my vintage glam photoshoot with Emily McArthur tomorrow and need to lose a little water weight.  I’ve done well this week already by dropping about 3 pounds.

Gotta go get a few more things done prior to leaving the house.

Have a great day!!




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