SSS 2011 Contest – Reminder and diet tips!

Hey!! we’ve made it to day 4 of 70 in our 10 week quest for
a Super STAR body!! Please remember to do the week #1 mini-challenge
AND send your starting stats and photo to
(By the way: only I see your photos and stats,your privacy is very important)

You will get the fastest and most impressive results during these next 10 weeks,
by paying attention to your food intake.
If you want to WIN this contest- you will want to get leaner and
the only way to do that is by consuming less calories than you
burn daily. It’s also important to choose nutrient dense and
proper “types” of food for fueling your body.
Protein, water, fats and greens are powerful tools when striving to lower bodyfat.

Here’s a good article about food intake that will help you in your journey.
Let’s has a stellar start to our 10 weeks!!

Week #1 MINI CHALLENGE- take measurements, stats, pictures, journal or blog your starting thoughts,
and begin with the end (SUCCESS) in mind.  This challenge will take some time and a bit of courage.
Once you have completed your basic stats and beginning pictures please e-mail them to

*Prize Eligibility REQUIREMENT!!  2/2/11 is the due date:

e-mail address:

Beginning STATS-


AND at least 1 Picture– I need your most dramatic before shot.

*2/2/11 is the due date for these items…send them to ASAP!

Please look at the final entry form so you know what you’ll need to submit in order
to be eligible to WIN~



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  1. Thanks for the reminder: water, greens, protein and fat. That’s what I am very much concentrated on, and no processed food. I love hearing from you every day.

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