New product "Ugi"

My thoughts on this product at first glance are “what’s an ugly (ugi) name” and “UGH! not another ball~ for foofoo fitness moves!”  Seriously…don’t waste your money on this ball.  It’s just a gimmick that doesn’t produce any real results.

BuffMother’s review~

What It Is: A squishy medicine (weighted) ball touted as an all in 1 piece of fitness equipment

What You Might Not Know: The name is derived from the phrase “U got it” and said “you guy”…How in the heck is the general consumer supposed to get that??

Should You Buy It: No, not unless they drop the price by $169!  Instead, Go to Wal-Mart buy a blow up exercise ball for $10 and a set of 10# dumbbells for less than $20 toal…then save the extra $169 for a treadmill!

More info about this product and a nice proper review written by Amada Vogel is found  here~

Ugi: The Fitness Industry’s Newest Weighted Fitness Ball




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  1. michelle, what supplements are you taking at this time? Im taking NO, ht pills and protein shakes. Also the tanning…well i’m kinda nervous about that but just curious how long do you tan for(wanted to tan).

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