Attack Mode ~Days 1 & 2 of 70

I am so fired up for these next 10 weeks.  The timing is perfect…I feel like I am ready to attack!!  I plan to keep in “attack mode” and keep my focus, by keeping it simple.

MY 2011 SuperSTAR Success Goals:

  1. Workout no less than 5 times a week (50 workouts)
  2. Eat 2 veggies and at least 1 fruit daily (140 veggies and 70 fruits, WOW!)
  3. Find a “scary” goal (at this point i have no clue, any ideas???)

Had a good weekend- enjoyed a date with Travis, watched the the UFC fights, had a good time at  church and a watched a couple good football games.  I’m rooting for the Steelers to win it all!!  As for workouts I got in 2 solid workout days.  Last night I did intervals on the u-bike for 20 mins +10 mins of steady + 5 mins jumping drills= 35 mins tota and Saturday I got to the gym for a leg workout:

Warm up- tanning and ran 10 mins (1.07 mile total, average speed 6.6)
Squats- 45×15, 95×10, 135×10, 155x10x2sets
Dead lifts- 135x3sets (one set conventional)
Seated calf raises- 90x15x2sets
Leg extensions- one leg at a time 35x10x3sets
Leg curls- one leg at a time 35×10, 30×10 and together 75×10
Abs- knee ups on roman chair 25, 20

Got a sick little one home today- Tia seems to have the same fever illness that Layla had last week.  Poor baby.

Let’s have a KILLER 70 days!!
I am in ATTACK MODE? ARE you??



Week #1 Mini Challenge- SSS 2011 *response required by 2/2

It’s almost time for you to START your 10 week Super STAR Success journey!!

We’ll officially start tomorrow, Monday Jan. 24.  I find it easiest to start new challenges and contests on MONDAYS.

Therefore we’ll count Monday as day #1 of 70; the start of week #1 of 10 weeks.

The goal of this contest is to keep you CONSISTENT so that you can attain your SuperSTAR Success!

To help you be consistent I’ll be providing weekly “Mini-Challenges” which will give you a focus point and help you towards your goals.
The Challenges are meant to be added as an EXTRA to your current fitness and diet routine. 

I will also be posting many fun updates on my blog and facebook pages.
Please chim in with comments there- It’ll help you stay accountable!!

Week #1 MINI CHALLENGE- take measurements, stats, pictures, journal or blog your starting thoughts,
and begin with the end (SUCCESS) in mind.  This challenge will take some time and a bit of courage.
Once you have completed your basic stats and beginning pictures please e-mail them to

*Prize Eligibility REQUIREMENT!!  2/2/11 is the due date for thefollowing items:

e-mail address:


Beginning STATS-


AND at least 1 Picture– I need your most dramatic before shot.

*2/2/11 is the due date for these items…send them to ASAP!

Please look at the final entry form so you know what you’ll need to submit in order
to be eligible to WIN~

Have a great week #1 and I’ll be in touch next Sunday with your Mini-Challenge for week #2!!!


p.s. I would love to have you join our Rally Room for more info and support during the 10 weeks!! (it’s free for the first 30 days)

Day 2
My goals for the next 10 weeks: do at least 5 workouts a week; eat at least 2 veggies and 1 fruit daily and find a “scary” goal! One day I got it done- did a chest workout, ate a banana, a spicy v8, stir-fry veggies and may have found a goal…women’s football, HMM??— I’m killin’ it!! I’m headed out for a run now- I’m planning on finishing it with 3 sprints, walking lunges and ABS!



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  1. I’m pretty pumped about this contest. Hoping to shed stubborn fat and look good naked! I don’t have many tools but Monday was Tabitha jump rope interval (fasted cardio)…almost vomited lol.
    And did a circuit upper body using resistance bands, body weight. Today reg 20 min jump rope intervals killing my lower half with body weight supersets (btwn homeschooling dd, and chasing 19 month ds).

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