wonderful Wednesday!

I am in a great mood today!! It’s really been a wonderful wednesday and I can’t wait for more!!  The day started by getting my kids off to school!! YAY!!  Then I watched a video on netflix “a case for Christ”…interesting stuff.  Meanwhile I had tons of coffee and took care of my fun little Furball puppy! It’s so fun having a real life stuffed animal, lol!!  Next I got to chat with SWEET Shana!! She’s kicking tail in her workouts and life~ I love it!!

Last night I got in another good workout on my home gym…BTW- I added a picture to my blog from yesterday and figured I’d add it here too in case you missed it.  Looks pretty good if you ask me 😉

My workout went  kinda like this-

Bent over rows
Inverted pull up and pull ups
Knee ups
Bicep curls
DB shoulder raises
mish mosh of boxing drills and hip mobility drills
Ball Bounces (for hips)

So today I’ve been diving into my “Education” Resolution and looking into different fitness associations and training programs. IDEA has some really good resources.  I went ahead and created a profile there-

I am a NESTA Certified trainer, but toying with the idea of getting certified by ACE or ACSM also….Another fun cert I’m looking into is http://www.combine360.com/CombineTraining

Anyhow…Kids will be home soon.  I gotta go!!