Happy Monday to you!

HI!! Happy Monday to you!!

It’s snowing a bit here and we thought school would be canceled for sure. BUT, thankfully it wasn’t! Cuji loves the snow so far, but she is not so fond of going poop on it.  She’s had 2 poops inside today already- Silly puppy!

Anyhow, Travis is healing nicely but still dealing with some pain.  Tomorrow he has his post-op with Dr. Griffy…I think I may go with so I can get the info first hand.

In other news, Travis’s car is broken down.  It wouldn’t start for him last week, so now I am at home with no van while Travis heads off to work.  I hope it’s nothing and can be fixed quickly.  The good news is that we do have a warranty on it still- YES!! 

I’ve spent most of the day doing laudry, organizing stuff and getting some work done….Plus I’ve had time to think about my boosting workout plan for this week:

M: Chest/Tris/Shoulders @home, 20 mins bike
T: Legs, 20 mins bike
Wed: boxing @ home on my own and a run (outside if weather is above 40)
Thurs: Back, Shoulders, Biceps @ gym no cardio
Fri:Chest/Tri and run

Have a good day!!





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