2011 will be Heaven!

2011 will be Heaven!! is my motto for this year…I will be positive, I will have JOY and I will live an insanely adventerous glorious powerful life! I don’t want to look behind anymore only to the future. 

What lays ahead??  I have a vision that is enourmous

I will confidently take baby steps towards that vision daily and soon WE as a team will arrive there together!! AWESOME Adventures and LOVE awaits!!  Physically I expect all the energy I need to do the tasks at hand, God will provide the strength, wisdom and provision for all that He’s destined for me in 2011!! He’ll provide for you too!! 

My kids are at an amazing age right now- so fun and interactive and teachable! I have a huge desire to teach them, teach others and learn more myself. EDCUATION is a huge theme for me this year! 

Time to get to it!!



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  1. Hi MIchelle, I have your books & HT supplements but, I eally wanted to get on the B/B and input my cycle days to help me stay on track with all my “Crazy” hormones. For some reason it’s not working like usual….meaning, it doesn’t show the Purple/Pink days based on my input. Am I in the wrong place or something?

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