Live it Loud!

Well, well, Well…I feel like I’ve got a ton of catching up to do with my blogging…

Christmas was great! Each year we spend Christmas Eve over at my SIL’s house with them and My BIL and MIL who come down from MN.  This year was interesting because the house was full of dogs!  My SIL now has 3 dogs, My BIL brought his dog from MN (an 85 pound rotwiler mix) and our little puppy. 

One of the most fun things about the Holiday is giving and seeing the joy it gives to GIVE.  My DD Gracie is a big time giver.  She spent her own money on gifts for everyone and was BEAMING each time someone opened her gifts. I just love it!! I gave all the women in the family boots and Travis took care of the men with hunting gifts…We also had fun giving an awesome KURIG coffe maker to my MIL and a Gold’s HOME Gym to my BIL.  Giving is FUN!

Anyhow after a fun Chirstmas Eve sleep over we came home and had our “family Christmas” on Christmas day (last Saturday).  I also cooked a turkey- YUMMY!  The kids loved all the toys and gifts they got.  The girls all made a HUAL on clothes and each got a DS-i XL. Gunner got a BIG gift of an X-box 360 and a few clothes, plus a air soft shot gun.

I got ton of fun items too:

  • an I pad!
  • 3 pairs of sneakers: 2 nike, 1 asics
  • a vikings sweat shirt and hat
  • a set of nice Knives
  • a really cool night light
  • a beautiful bracelet
  • a lettuce knife
  • some big blue bathroom towels

Overall the Holiday was was fun!!  Our kids are at such an easy age that now I can relax and enjoy the holiday.  Despite trying to relax, I was a bit too last minute with much of the shopping and wrapping, etc… that I didn’t take the time I need to eat and hydrate like I should have and payed the price this week …Next year I resolve do better! 

After Christmas I’ve been just trying to get healthy and take care of my kids and Hubby who had a Knee Scope done on Wednesday.  He’s doing much better today and very excited to take a shower, lol!  We watched several movies the past few days: Salt (B+), Hot Tub Time Machine (C-), Grown Ups (C+), The Other Guys (B), Knight and Day (B), The Proposal (B)…   Another movie I was pleasantly surprised by was “the Ugly Truth”.  Oh and i also saw “Valentines Day” it was a solid B too….Have you seen any good ones recently?

I am in SHOCK that today is the last day of the YEAR! It went by very fast…a big reminder to me to cherish each and every day!  I am off to get in a run outside today and to love on my family.

I love you all and can’t wait to see what fun adventures 2011 brings..Let’s RING in the New Year in STYLE!! Live it LOUD!!





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