Season change…

I feel it in my body, mind and spirit.  Change is coming!

By season I mean more than just the change from fall to winter.  I mean a season of life.  A season of focus.  A season of goals. 

Tomorrow is GG’s Birthday, so INSTEAD of getting in a workout I got a PRESENT for Gracie! She’s gonna love it.  I’ll tell you what it is tomorrow.

Love the SEASON of life you are in but know it CHANGES fast!

Live it, love it- LOVE YA!


p.s. my DH wrote this press release for his company:…


“Finish STRONG!”- 19 days left until 2011… add 10 mins of steady cardio to burn fat to your workout today. I like it after my lifting or interval workout to kick my fat burning into HIGH GEAR! Let’s KICK it IN this year!!



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