Making Things Happen!

Making things happen!! today…trying to stick to my list:


MONDAY is “To do” day:
To Do- planning
To Do household chores-  house is a mess from the weekend- goal is vacuum every room today!– *didn’t get every room, but did get living room and kitchen done!
To Do- Work- send shirts, e-mails, client catch-up-ADD TO TUESDAY!
To Do- Workout- back, shoulders, biceps, abs and hold off on cardio till tomorrow- my sciatic is a bit flared, better safe than sorry.

Tuesday is “To buy” day:
To buy backpack bag for promo pack
To buy Food- crock pot stuff
To buy Birthday presents for Gracie (Dec. 14th)- working on this~!
To buy X-mas presents
+ workout- chest, tris, abs and intervals!!

I really would love to be able to stick to my plan…rorn right now about my workout- I may get it done at home??? that way I can have more time to shop with the kids afte school, hmmm…. we’ll see how much I get done between now and then.  I took the kids with me to the gym last night at 4pm and that worked out really well:

Back Shoulders Biceps

10 min r-bike warm up

almost all sets were of 10-12 reps
Lat pulls- 3 sets
Knee ups- 40 reps x 2 sets
Assisted Pull ups- focus on negs- wide- 2 sets
high lat rows- 3 sets
seated rows- 3 sets
military press machine- 3 sets
Standing high knees- 1 set
HS Bicep curls- 3 sets
Hammer Shoulder press- 3 sets
pose down bicep curls- 3 sets
paired with wide cable lat pull downs – 3 sets higher reps
arnolds- 2 sets
Hammer curls- 2 sets
lateral and front raises- 2sets
Bench knee ups- 1 set of 30

At our BuffMother gathering we talked a lot about future events and had many great ideas!!
Julie Severance had an idea to for us to do a big women’s expo in St. Louis- ..I think it would be pushing to get this one done for this year. BUT it looks like an AWESOME idea for 2012.

previously Teresa Williams and I had talked about doing an Expo/BuffMother Event in Dallas for the Spring- here’s the link to that :

it’s in April and will give us more lead time to prepare, what do you all think about meeting up in Dallas for it?  WE’ll also plan on doing our yearly Fall gathering somewhere too!

Let’s make things happen!!

p.s. Don’t forget to FINISH STRONG~

“Finish STRONG!”-
25 days left until 2011!! Fitness equipment is a great idea for
gifts…what 1 piece of equipment do you have on your “wish list”? I
want a treadmill for the short days and cold temperatures. More
Options= fewer Excuses~ let’s choose to live a STRONG life!! Finish Strong my friend ♥



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