Been Relaxing ~ LOVING it!!

I’ve Been Relaxing the past couple days and LOVING it!  By relaxing I mean doing less than my ususal, but I still keep busy.  Cooking, Cleanning, Laundry, Shopping and Spending time online seem to be a part of even my RELAXING days. Hubby had been outta town last week—It’s so GREAT to have him home and have him town all next week!!  My Girls have been playing nicely with each other and Gunner’s been visitng at a couple friends…What a nice weekend!

Along with relaxing we spent time watching football and the TUF Finals.  We also went to ACADEMY again…it’s got to be my new favoirite store! LOL!  I got some fun stuff- 2 ligthweight jackets- one hoodie and an awesome underarmour jacket, a hula hoop, an aerobie frisbee and a pair of football receiver gloves.  FUN!!  If you can’t tell…I love PLAYING and am a total tomboy!  I just love sports! 

I also got in a decent leg workout….I say decent because I had to be wary of my sciatica- it’s bothering me a little bit again. So I was careful how much and what I did.

Warm up 10 mins
Squats high sets 3×155
Deads- just up to 95# to be safe
Leg Extensions
45degree hack squats
Walking lunges

BTW- to catch up…Friday I did play catch with the baseball and foot ball with Gunner and Gracie a little too, I ran around the block 1 time with Layla and I danced for at least 30 mins- I wonder if that was what irritated my sciatica?

This next week I’m gonna focus harder on my diet (I am joining Theresa with her no dairy, no gluten focus for my diet) and trying to get in some intervals.  I feel like my fitness level is getting better and now that my ININTIAL “re-entry” soreness is over, I should hacv the energy to able to add  intervals  to my scheduel.


Sun- off
Mon-Back, Sh, Biceps
Tue-Chest, Tris, intervals
Fri-Upper body- intervals
Sun- off

Let’s have another STRONG WEEK!!




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