Bring on the STRONG!

Well ladies, the first week of “Finish STRONG” has gone spectacular for me!

I’ve met my goals to workout at least every other day this point and my mojo is just getting rollin’…

On Saturday I got in a great little upper body workout:

Pull ups- 3 sets to failure, 9, 8, 7.5
Push ups- 3 sets to failure- first set I lost count but did well over 30, second set 30, 3rd set 25

Latera and Front raises 2 sets of 10 each with 15#DB’s

Then we went hiking as a family for 1.5 hours and I got my 100 lunges done then

Sunday was OFF- I felt really good for cycle day 4!  FUN!

Monday- LEGS @ gym…this was the first day and workout that I felt like I’ve recovered from my cold- 2 weeks of it!  I am so happy to be healthy!

4mins warm up r-bike

Dead lifts-

Calf raises- seated 70×10-15reps x3sets

Leg Press- machine x25 +10 single legs
90+machinex 10 full + 20 short for butt
Calf raises on leg press

Leg Extensions- 150x10x2
Leg Curls-

Walking lunges
2 sets 55# bar on back x30 steps

One set Knee ups on roman chair- 45 reps (some to sides included)

I am really sore and feeling this workout!!! WooHoo!

These next couple weeks I have a HOUSE Focus on getting one wall of my totally cleaned each day…Yesterday I started with the stove/refrig wall in my kitchen- YUCK I pulled the stove away from the wall for the first time in 8 years and ICK! It was a mess!

Just in case someone missed a challenge or is starting late, here are the first week’s “FINISH STRONG” Challenges:

  • BuffMother!

    ‎”Finish STRONG!”- 32 days left in 2010- Today’s challenge is to take your supplements. A good base for women includes a muli-tvitamin, calcium and my Hormonal Timing Pills (supporting your natural hormone production)…after those some great ones to include are Fish Oil, Vitamin E, C, A and extra amino acids like L-glutamine, L-creatine and NO2 (L-arganine). Keep your body STRONG!!

  • ‎”Finish STRONG!”- 34 days left in 2010- Today’s challenge is to plan your diet and workouts for the week. The preparation will help ensure your success….and always have a back up plan because life happens! Be determined to get it done no matter what- NO EXCUSES!!! We Will Finish STRONG!!

  • ‎”Finish STRONG!”- 35 days (just 5 weeks!) left in 2010- Today’s challenge is to integrate 100 walking lunges into your workout. Walking lunges have been proven the most effective exercise for activating your GLUTES! I love the BOOTY BURN lunges give!! With consistent lunging- You can LIFT YOUR BUTT before the new year!!

  • ‎”Finish STRONG!”- 36 days left in 2010- Today’s challenge is to regain your focus. Don’t let a 1 day holiday turn into 4 days of bad eating and off workouts! Focus on eating protein, greens and fruits today– and GET moving!! Champions are made on the weekends! YOU are a Champion!!

  • ‎”Finish STRONG!”- 37 days left in 2010- Your challenge today is to BE THANKFUL! Give thanks to God for your family, your body, your mind and your spirit! Thankfully, Enjoy the decadence of the HOLIDAY! God Bless YOU!


    ‎”Finish STRONG!”- 38 days to go- Your challenge today is to Build your BELIEF! make a focused effort to find inspiration: look up success stories, read a fitness magazine, look at fit model pictures or find a hot body to admire at the gym- chances are they weren’t born like that! You can attain your DREAM~ the first step is to BELIEVE!!! ♥ Please share the inspiration with us~ I BELIEVE we will Finish 2010 STRONG!!!

  • ‎”Finish STRONG!”- 39 days to go- Your challenge for today is to determine where you are at now- take your current stats, pictures, measurements and note your thoughts. Knowing where you ARE is vital for getting to your destination ♥ Stay accountable by posting a comment! Let’s finish STRONG!!!

  • ‎40 days left of 2010- Let’s “Finish STRONG!”- Your challenge for today is
    to determine your attainable goal (for the 40 days) and to clean up your
    diet! NO JUNK! Report in with a comment please~


    with 40 days to go in 2010 this would be perfect timing for you to enlist in our 40days to fit challenge!

    Join the Challenge!!! It’s simple…sign up here and I’ll send you a daily e-mail for 40 days. Name Email All you need



Let’s keep the focus~ and make every last day count!!





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