"Finish Strong" Start for Michelle

Pictures don’t lie and my pictures show a few things clearly:

Boosting hormones- look at the boobs and belly- it was my final cycle day
Lack of recent exercise- my workouts have been non-existant for about 2 weeks due to a horrible cold
that it’s winter- lack of a tan- and desire to put tanner on
lack of makup, ha!- thankfully my dermatologist’s Rx’s have worked well and my face is clear again!

Stats: (I have to find my sheet of paper…)

Today’s Date:__11/24/10   height:______5-7 (truthfully 5-6.5)_______     weight:____130  age:__35_____
Today’s cycle day- 26 final day of the month
Please list the following measurements:
Bust (around breasts the biggest part):37
Chest- relaxed (just under armpits above breasts with arms down at your sides): 35
Chest- flexed back and chest (just under armpits with arms down at your sides): 37
Waist- relaxed (the smallest part): 27
Waist-sucked in (the smallest part):26
Hips (the largest part of your butt): 36
Shoulders (around the outside of your shoulders with your arms at sides): 42
Biceps (relaxed at midpoint of upper arm): 10.5
Biceps (flexed at midpoint of upper arm): 11.5
Thigh-mid (about 8” above knee cap): 19
Thigh- upper (about 12” above knee cap):21
Calf (about 7” below knee joint): 13
Caliper measurements
Abdomen :8


My goals are to keep up with a workout at least every other day- get back to running and just regain my fitness overall.  That alone will get my pictures back to where I want them~  I plan to look and feel great for the New Year!

I will finish 2010 strong!!  Strong in Body, Mind and Spirit!



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  1. I ordered your book so I can understand a little more about the cycle you talk about! Can’t wait to get it. I am hoping something in there gives me an ah ha moment and I can start off 2010 with a kick butt rejuvinated attitude not to mention the body!!!

  2. Oh please! You still look great Michelle! I’ve been taking the NO you recommended on your website….is it still the one you take?

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