Good Times!

I can’t say it enough…I just love my kids at this age.  They are so fun to bring places and do things with- What a JOY!!!  Life is really good right now for the BERGERS!  Oh by the way,  the easiest way to remember how to say my name is say what a really cold bear says, “BRRRRR GRRRRRR!!!”   LOL!!  (that’s my hubby’s new joke from yesterday)

The trip to Tulsa takes just about 2 hours- we arrive there Friday at about 5 pm.  We stayed at the Renaissance Marriott hotel which was really nice!  Gunner’s team played 2 football games on Saturday- both of which they lost.  It was too BAD but the good news is Gunner was the defensive STAR once again.  He’s found a home at middle linebacker.  We are very proud of how he’s blossomed this year!!  Football is over until January when the team will pick up with a few practices and clinics.  Whew!!! I am ready for the break!

The rest of the weekend was spent eating, enjoying the pool and I actually got in an upper body workout at the gym!!  Yesterday we also hit the mall- we got some boots for the girls, a hoodie for Gunner, a couple t’s for me and Travis got some cool new Nike shoes!  I drove the trip home and then last night we watched the Vikings lose again! Sheesh! Too bad, but good in a way- our focus on the NFL is over now that our team is done- more time to do other stuff!!

My hubby got the results to his MRI and it wasn’t all that clear.  No tear was evident, but it was fuzzy- so he got a cortizone shot to see if that’d help.  None the less he has determined it’s time to get buff himself and I’ve been enlisted to help- which I love!  Anyhow…my focus is to help him and my kids get/stay fit this winter.  So less about me on the fitness front and more about them will be a good change for my brain!  I’ll stay fit as a side result of helping them!  FUN!! 

My goals for the final 40 days of 2010 are to workout at least every other day. And maintain my fitness level through this busy time of year.  I will have FREE days for the holidays- Thanksgiving, Christmas EVE and Christmas Day!  I will have fun this Holiday season and I will remain Buff!!!

Time to Finish STRONG!!




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  1. Such a beautiful family, Michelle! Always enjoy your positiveness and love of life/family in your blog. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday!

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