I must admit…

I must admit….I am SICK! Crying

I tried my best to IGNORE IT, Deny it, Blow past it…But yesterday afternoon the reality of it was  too big to ignore.  I am sick with a cold.  Traveling (for business) is so hard on my little body- I almost always get sick as a result.  It’s really too bad, but a sign from God that I need to be very sure to limit my business travel and take better care of myself when I am on the road.  More REST, More FOOD, More Supplements, etc…I do believe yesterday was the worst of it.  And I’m confident that by tomorrow I’ll be close to 100%.

My weight is at 125 today, cycle day

No workout since the HIKE on Friday…and I’ll play today by ear once again.  If I stay feeling like I do now, a light workout is a good possibility.

Yesterday I went to the dermatologist for my zit/rash/reddish area on my face.  It’s been bothering me for the past month.  The cooler temps seems to have brought it on.  Anyhow, the DR. prescribed an antibiotic and a couple creams (one a steroid cream and the other an antibiotic cream) to calm down my face.  I sure hope it works! 

And I managed to get some groceries while in my hazy cold fog– I can barely remember being at the store.

My family all noticed how cruddy I looked and DH couldn’t help but laugh a bit each time he saw me yesterday- I guess my “cold” was written all over my face.  He is very frustrated at the fact he gets “sick Michelle”  after Team BuffMother! got “fun Michelle” for the weekend, lol!  I feel bad too…So the plan is to make it up to him this weekend!

Last night I was in bed at about 4pm on…I watched “The Prince of Persia” with my DD’s- GOOD MOVIE!  and cooked and ate comfort foods of spaghetti and cornbread muffins with maple syrup. Then hubby fed me a dessert of apples with caramel YUM!

This weekend our family will be traveling to TULSA (a 2 hour trip) for the “Sooner Classic” youth football tournament.  My son’s 5th grade all star team will be going against some serious competition!  The teams they are playing are the top teams from the area. Most of which have played together for 4 years- where as our team has only been together for 4 weeks.  I am excited to see them play but the chances of them winning even a game are low.  I am simply excited for our family to spend a couple nights together in a hotel.  I am sure we’ll have a good time together!!

NOW for the news! We are starting the official “FINISH IT” contest next Monday!  Be sure to join up and participate~ Let’s FINISH 2010 STRONG!! The details will be posted on www.buffmother.com soon!

Stay healthy!! Love, Michelle



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