Notes of the Event

I don’t have the energy to write this into paragraphs at the moment but wanted to get down some notes of the event. 

Last Wed-

My travel day; leave house a 1pm to get Emily and head to airport

At airport we checked in curbside and the bags outside so that was NICE

Had Coffee

The plan was packed so they made us check our carry ons- including Emily’s Cameras! I couldn’t believe that!

Flights went smoothly

Julie picked us up at baggage, but guess what- NO Camera BAG!!  It didn’t get on the right flight 🙁

Got them to agree to deliver the bag in time to have it for the morning….

Then, Julie got us to the hotel…VERY NICE~!

Ate dinner there- then hit the hay!

but then the bathroom became very busy…poor Emily was super sick!

She was up all night!

I felt so bad…left her to go workout with Julie at her gym.  And WOW the beauty of the area was amazing.  I loved N. Cali’s landscape!!  The gym was bright,  nice and clean and everyone was very friendly!  We had a great workout!

Afterwards I got to go with Julie to her house- NICE!!  And have my first ever protein shake with spinach in it- YUMMY!!  I so totally need a good blender!

Also the little BuffMother! Party favors arrived in the cutest boxes!! WOW April is a talent!!

The we picked up the BIG VAN! The POSH PARTY BUS!!

In the meantime Emily was being a tropper and getting ready for our afternoon photoshoots. 

Kathy was set to go first and I was her “hair and makeup” artist.  She is so beautiful and impressed Emily with her photogenic quality. She has such amazing bone structure and beautiful features it’s no wonder every photo of her is awesome!

Teresa W. was next and had her makeup done at the mall by a true professional.  She looked amazing and so confident!!! I helped a bit in assiting Emily with posing Teresa a bit.

While Emily and Teresa finished we (Kathy, Liz, Jules and I) headed out to hike…what a beautiful country!

After that it was time to get ready for dinner and bocci!  So much fun!

then we all stopped by Julie’s house and surprised Gene with a visit.


am workout room




Attempted bike for some and Winery for others


PF Changs



Late to bed!


prep for event





slide show

Sat am-

Airport with Julie! a Godsend

NO Charge for luggage?!!

perfect flights-

Perfect to be home! 

Excited for our Future~!! and all the great feedback from Cali!!



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