Excitement of the Spirit

As I’ve worked towards getting the final preparations done for my trip to California… I’ve felt a more intense than usual boatload of emotions: happy, overwhelmed, nervous, excited, hopeful, lonesome and others…. but overall the predominant emotion has been EXCITEMENT!  My brain has been spinning. What is excitement?  How does it come about? and WHY? I figured a definition would be helpful:


1. A feeling of great enthusiasm and eagerness.

2. Something that arouses such a feeling; an exciting incident.

….and some Synonyms of EXCITMENT:

action, activity, ado, adventure, agitation, animation, bother, buzz*, commotion, confusion, discomposure, disturbance, dither, drama, elation, emotion, excitation, feeling, ferment, fever, flurry, frenzy, furor, fuss, heat*, hubbub, hullabaloo*, hurry, hysteria, impulse, instigation, intoxication, kicks, melodrama, motivation, motive, movement, passion, perturbation, provocation, rage, stimulation, stimulus, stir, thrill, titillation, to-do, trepidation, tumult, turmoil, urge, warmth, wildness

Amazing!! Those synonyms sum up the battery of emotions I’ve been feeling at a fever pitch this past week!  WOW!! The good emotions and the bad emotions are all basically EXCITEMENT!!  Isn’t that cool! Knowledge is power!

Is Excitement brought on by our mind or our Spirit?  I recognize the fact that thoughts in my mind lead to various emotions, but this excitement is not only from my thoughts.  It is DEEP~ It’s in my Spirit! 

  • I am so excited to go to Northern Cali for the first time as an adult. 
  • I am so excited to travel with my friend Emily. 
  • I am so excited to see Julie,  her “home”,  meet her family and friends too!! . 
  • I am so excited to meet in person several near and dear Team BuffMother friends: Liz, Julie Severance and Theresa.
  • I am so excited to be in the presence of other women who I’ve had the pleasure of meeting in the past : Teresa, Kathy, Brenda, Sherry and Julie!  
  • I am so excited for our fun activities together: working out, dinner, dancing, the photo shoots and other playing!!  I am so excited for our seminar on Saturday! 

I am EXCITED!! I have Excitement…of the Spirit!  I love that feeling, yet know it can be fleeting. Once the event is over so is the excitement that goes along with the event.  The “hang over” can be a killer, UNLESS you know the secret… the secret is to dig into your SPIRIT and LIVE EXCITED.  If you do this, the fun never stops and life is one grand adventure after another! 

I’ve lived a life with and without excitement. Starting at the age of about 11, a negative cycle began in my life.  I spent many years of my life with a BEAT-DOWN attitude.  I refused to get excited about anything because of the “after burn” or ‘hang over” it caused.  NOTHING was ever as wonderful as I expected and I lived in a constant cycle of disappointment with life, with myself and with others. By my early 20’s I was like a jaded old man and  even spoke many times about my belief that “I refuse to get excited about anything because I would only be disappointed”.   My life became a self fulfilling prophesy of disappointment and depression. 

But something  started to change about 11 years ago deep in my spirit. I heard a message at our church (Prestonwood in Plano, TX) by a guest speaker Bruce Wilkinson.  He spoke about “the Prayer of Jabez”.  Little did I know that his message would lead to a true transformation of my spirit.  That message was the START of the chain of events which has lead me to to YOU and to my present EXCITEMENT for LIFE!! 

Trust me living excited is the only way to go!! Realizing that excitement is of the Spirit is the KEY that will unlock your path to living a life of pure excitement.  We are not just a body and a mind, but also a Spirit.  God has made us this way!  If you want to live with a constant sense of pure excitement you must feed your Spirit.   And HE (God, Jesus, Holy Spirit) is who will feed your Spirit with an excitement that never ends!!

I am excited in spirit because I am filled with THE Holy Spirit! Let’s live EXCITED together!! And let the Adventure never end!

Love your friend,




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