Look at that Body!

Body, body, body!! Organs, joints, muscles, blood, nerves, dna, skin, hair, etc… Bodies are complicated! With so many moving parts and systems, how can we be expected to take care of it all?? Well we can’t. That’s why we AGE, That’s why we get Injured and that’s why we get Sick. It’s basically impossible to keep our bodies in mint condition. Yet I REFUSE to use that fact as an EXCUSE. I will not stop striving to take care of my body. And Actually as each year passes and science progresses I gain more confidence that I can slow down the aging process with my efforts.

The word “body” conjures up the visual aspects of a persons physique- “Oh wow!! look at her BODY!”, but Body is so much deeper than appearance. I teach that every step you take towards a healthly lifestyle l change your body on the “CELLULAR” level.: drinking water, eating nutrient dense foods, every rep or each second of effort in your workouts, taking supplements, etc.. affect your CELLS. Every part of your body is made up of cells. Each cell has components to it that need nutrients from your food, the also need oxygen, and they also need to get rid of toxins…all of which are helped by your healthy lifestyle efforts. The more consistent you are with your effort the better every single cell in your body performs. The better they perform directly affects how much AGING of your body occurs!

It’s not VAIN to take care of your body. It’s WISE! Many diseases, surgeries, medical conditions, prescription drugs and doctor visits could be eliminated by simply taking care of our bodies. PREVENTION works! I don’t expect everyone in the world to have the same passion for their body as I do. I am hard wired and blessed by God with a passion for Bodies! However every person has a responsibility to themselves, to their families and to society to do their best to learn the basics of nutrition and fitness so that they can keep their body healthy. And that’s why I love teaching others basic, simple tips for staying healthy. I believe that if of us took a slightly higher level of responsibilty for our personal health we could quickly reduce the incidence of obesity, diabetes, heart disease and cancer in our socitey. Let”s do it!! Let’s strive to learn more and integrate more FIT Tips into our lives.

I have a GREAT challenge for you~ sign up for my “40 days to FIT Challenge” and you will be on your way to a better BODY!! You can do it! NO EXCUSES!!

Your Body Guru,



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