They Hit!

Well…I’ve been pleasantly pleased with my hormones this month. But today they HIT ME! Not in a terrible way, but with the lazy bug. I’ve been SLOW and more spaced out than usual today. I also have peace knowing that it cday 27 today…so at the most I have one more high hormone day left this cycle!!!

In my spaced out state I did get some stuff done- I put together a video for my Mom and uploaded it to you tube and facebook….It was really a fun gift to surprise her with today!!

After that, I had a really good devotion time today, studying about God’s love and how we need to realize He LOVES us so much and that He see’s our potential, our motives, our heart, and our sincere desire to please him- so that when we do fail he still knows we love him and HE still loves us!! Isn’t that cool!! We can run to him even when we have not been perfect!! HE loves us and He wants our love even if we aren’t perfect.

I also had a great coaching call with Michelle Stevens…It’s so fun to talk with her and see how much effort she’s putting in to make us of the information contained within the video coaching program and beyond!! It makes my job very enjoyable.

Then I got to talk with Teresa Williams about all kinds of fun fitnesss/diet stuff and about our Team BuffMother Gathering. Ladies, I tell you what if you can make it to Northern Cali the weekend of November 12th and 13th you will have a blast for sure!! We have so many fun things planned!! You won’t wanna miss it!!!

Then I found out my Mom’s school was canceled for the day(she’s a math teacher in Pelican Rapids, MN). Can you believe they are already having SNOW DAYS in MN??? So I gave her a call too!! She seemed like she was enjoying the day off and really liked the special video 🙂

After that I talked to my hubby dearest on the phone, He’s been outta town for business now since Sunday morning…. I MISS HIM But the good news is he’ll be home tomorrow, just in time for Gunner’s first playoff game– GO RAVENS!!

NO workout today but I did workout the past 3 days so I felt totally fine taking a day off today.

Last night I went to the gym for a leg workout while Gunner was at football:

Hack squats for warm up- Machinex25 reps x2 sets
90×20 x2

175×2- I stopped at 2 because I had no spotter and the rack is not one that spots you at all…plus I had a slight twing in my back on the 2 that I did- Better safe than sorry!
135×10- did these immediatly after the 2 reps at 175

Leg extensions
4-5 sets between squat sets
Abs- incline abs-25full+10 hands on hammies
Lower back extensions- 1 set of 25

Bulgarians- been awhile for these

Leg curls- bent over machine variety

my butt is nice and sore from the workout!! YAY!!

Off to see if I can finish putting together this dresser- I’ve invested at least 3.5 hours so far total…time to finish it!!!

That reminds me, I think we should do an end of the year challenge called “FINISH IT”!!! Let’s Finish no only October with a bang, but the remainder of the year!!! Are you with me?!




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