A Peek

Howday and a Happy Friday do you!!

I had a great day off of workouts yesterday~ A rest was good since I had such a full day. My DR. Appointment went well…we had a very interesting talk about fitness, diet, nutrition, diabetes, etc…Now I am set to go in Mon morning to get a blood panel run. I also had a really quick but good parent teacher conference with Gunner’s teacher. He’s got all A’s Again!! And his teacher seems to really like Gunner!!

I have yet to do my workout today- I will get it done in a bit…a run and upper body are on tap- I think I’ll just do it at home again. I’ve been enjoying that this week.

I’ve been trying to figure out where all my time goes?? I’ve taken some time to investiget it and thought I’d share it with you “A peek into my daily life”:

Workout- 1 hour 5 times a week on average- sometimes less, sometimes more
Work- 5 to 10 hours daily (limited nights and weekends- no Sundays usually)- lots of computer time: rally room, emails, face book, orders, business management, etc… + stuff like orders, product development, training programs, website maintenance, bills, taxes, videos….
Family time 24/7- this is a big time variable in my life- hours spent directly, only on my kids is at least 3 hours daily- but more often times up to 6 hours- which doesn’t seem like much after how crazy my existence was just 7 years ago- that was seriously 18+hours a day all about kids! I also strive to spend bonding time with my hubby- *SEE FOOTBALL and UFC
Clean/cook- 2-3 hours daily
Organize- 1 hour daily
Shop- 3-4 hours weekly
Phone Calls- 2-4 hours daily
Football- 15 hours weekly, maybe more??- way too much time here!! I watch a ton of football on TV- both College and NFL + NFL All Access, other talk shows, and Sound FX or NFL Replay- I also watch my son play and cart him to practice
UFC- 2-4hours a week is spent watching fighting +1 hour a week dreaming about being a fighter, lol
Surfing the Internet- 2-4 hours daily researching, shopping, following up on items, much of this is work related but many times I get side tracked
Sleep- 8 hours is a must for this lady
Devotion Time- 15 mins to 1 hour daily- God time, prayer, watching sermons, church, reading bible, reading other Bible base books, I am at a point in my life where I could do this 5 hours a day! I want MORE!!

As you can guess, this is a guess-timate and not all inclusive. I also have to spend time on things like showers, eating, primping, waiting, etc… You can also see that I do have “time wasters” in my life–but is it a waste to relax a bit and take time to bond with my hubby??

Anyhow- I sure hope you have a great weekend!! You know what I’ll be doing (UFC and FOOTBALL)





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