2 Lessons Learned

Thurs- ran 2 big laps around our neighborhood- a little over 3 miles- my toe was bleeding at the end it got cut by my other toenail-

Lesson #1- if you wanna be a runner keep your toe nails short!

After my run I did 3 sets of pull ups, abs and some db lat rows….

Now on to yesterday (friday- cycle day 19 weight 129)

Lesson #2- Don’t post this:

“Heading to the gym at 5:30pm??? am I crazy~ NO!! I am doing legs so no worries – no one else seems to use the squat rack except to do bicep curls, lol!
on facebook prior to going to the gym or else it will come true!”

Sure enough, After my 15 min warm up on the elliptical 2 young men were doing bicep curls forever on the squat rack- ….so I started my leg workout with Leg press:

Leg press
Walking high knees and walking calves between sets
Standing Militarty DB press betweens sets of squats (missed these the day b4 in my workout)
leg Extensions
leg curls
knee ups on roman chair- 1 set of 45 reps (10 front, 15 each side, 10 more front)

I am off to learn more lessons- mainly about how to get through my yearly appointment with the least amount of anxiety as possible!

Keep on learning! Lessons are everywhere!!




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