S-O-R-E spells SORE!!!!

S-O-R-E spells SORE!!!! That’s the best way for me to describe the way my body has felt this first week back at lifting after about 3 weeks off. I am now recovered from that initial soreness and ready to hit it again!!

Needless to say I didn’t meet my POA for the week, but I was stupid to think that I could actually attain it. I have lifted Monday, Tues, Thursday and will today and tomorrow. Still no cardio- but I did actually had a hankering for a run yesterday…I think my lungs are good enough to go for a short run today- maybe I’ll do it for my leg workout warm up!!

I’ve been really busy working all week on training programs, the Cali Event and general “homemaker” stuff. I was very productive all week, but still have some work to get done this weekend. The plan for this weekend is to work a bit, workout a lot, watch a ton of football and put together my new dressers. I ordered 4 dressers online which arrived here this week (2 for the girls and one for Travis and I)…I can’t wait to use them, but putting them together will take some precious time. I hope to enlist my handyman son to help with the job 🙂

Theresa or…
“Miss Bring IT” or…
is competing this morning and evening in the Elk River, MN @ the NANBF Figure contest!!!

This lovely lady has hit it hard the past 9 months to achieve her goal of being ripped~ I am so proud of her attitude and constant mantra of BRINING IT at the gym. She is a true BuffMother who has attained an awesome physique and mind-set using the Hormonal Timing Training system!!! I’ve loved the privilege of training her and now it’s time for her to shine on stage at her second contest this year.

Go Theresa- BRING IT to the stage!! and be proud that “You ARE RIPPED in 2010!!!

Love, Your friend and trainer,




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