Love the Dentist?

My kids are so fired up to go to the dentist this morning…WERIDOS!! LOL !!

I had good success with my “no Junk” mantra yesterday- I did have my allotted TREAT though and a bit too many carbs and fat- a B+ grade for the day.

5P’s=spaghetti meat(2), huge burger no bun, string cheese
5C’s= noodles, apple, carrot, creatine with vit C, bbq sauce
4F’s= meat fat, sunflower seeds, dressing, cashwes
3G’s= broccoli slaw, pickle, tomato in sauce
T= 2 oreo cookies and some gumballs

AM Run 20 mins +2 sprints at the end
PM bodyweight legs workout- 20 mins worth- full squats, bulgarians, side squats, hip moves, kicking drills, back bends/bridges

For the first time in years I almost did a back bend…My hands slipped in the landing, but I am almost able to stick it!! I’ll keep trying 🙂

Today’s workout will have to be either at home or at 4 when childcare opens up again for kids.

BTW- I weighed 126.6 yesterday and 128 today- cycle day 18- I am Boosting!

My son has his last regular season game tonight…his team is undefeated!! Let’s pray they win again for a perfect season- Go RAVENS!! The playoffs start this week, but Gunner’s team has a first round buy- so they don’t have to play until next week!!

Okay, I gotta go get pretty for the trip to the dentist-

Have a good day- Hope you feel PRETTY!





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