Don't give any energy….

Don’t give any energy….to the NEGATIVES in your life. 

Think of Negatives as a Monster who likes to eat- we’ll call him “NEGGIE the Monster” 

Neggie loves eating compliant cookies, crabby apples, mean meat, yelling yogurt, depression donuts, guilt goodies, temper tacos, etc…

Don’t feed Neggie!!!

He’ll only get bigger and more ferocious!!  If you find yourself feeding “Neggie”- STOP and run away!! He’s a dangerous MONSTER! When I feel “Neggie” getting hungry…  I lean on my faith I know my God is Good, Positive, Lovely and He wants me to confidently ignore “NEGGIE” and press on towards my true purpose in life- to LOVE!

Instead of thinking about the negative trials and emotions we feel in life- feed the positives in your life by purposly giving them attention and focus= give the positive food!  Purposely attack negatives by thinking of all the great blessings you have and focus on those!

Your relationships: family, kids, parents, husbands, friends, coworkers, sisters, your buffmother friends
Your abilities: to walk, run, swim, jump, dance, sing, talk, type, read, workout
Your possessions: house, your car, your job, your clothes, your computer
Your future possibilities: your next vacation (to the BuffMother gathering!!), your weight loss goal, your competition goal, your educational goal, your spiritual goals, your kids futures, an upcoming photoshoot , the upcoming holiday season

Focus on all the positives- they are endless- FEED THEM!!  You will be amazed at how far you can go in life if you do!!!

I am focused on the positive blessings in my life today and I LOVE IT~ WooHoo!  I am so blessed I can hardly contain myself.  I have so many awesome friends, abilities, possessions and goals in life- It is so fun!!  I can’t wait to see what the future has in store!

Physically I can see SQUATTING in my future~ I had a good chest/tri/ab workout yesterday to get my MOJO flowing! 
Professionally I am excited to help other’s see squatting in their future

Let’s have a Powerfully positive day today!!!

Love you bunches,




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