Mighty Monday

My theme for to day is “MIGHTY”…I want to be Mighty today~ I NEED to be Mighty!!

It’s a new day, a new week and the first day of the rest of my MIGHTY LIFE!!

here’s the POA for today:

run this am
Direct TV service call (new reciever)
work behind the computer until about 11
then run errands along with talking to Teresa W. @ noon
make a delivery
van tabs
food/pick up watches(new batteries)from wal-mart
to the po
get new phone
3:30 cut Gunner’s hair- Picture day is Wed.
Early dinner and Homework time
5:30 Football Practice
(may do a short lifting workout and tan)
Home- Kids bedtimes
a bit more work

Time to be MIGHTY and get it done!!
Your friend,
Mighty Michelle
p.s. I was hoping to start a new official TEAM CONTEST today…but it will have to wait for a few days and have our official start date be next monday.  The contest will be 6 weeks and a new unique twist!!  It’s gonna be a great fit fall!!



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