Try this for ABS!!

Submitted by BuffMother on Wed, 2010/09/15 – 7:13am

Hello, hello!!!  Guess what??  I actually have SORE ABS!!!

So…I thought I’d share what did it with you and feel free to copy my “AB Kill” mentality from Monday-

#1 Run several sprints- 100m as fast as you can GO! (I did 6) …
#2 Do HIGH KNEE DRILLS (2 sets of 30meters)…
#3 Old school sit ups- about 200 of them…These were right after sprints

Then these items were done during my back, shoulder, bicep workout at the gym an hour later after refueling with water and raisins:

#4 Roman chair knee ups- about 60…
#5 Knee ups on a bench 2 sets of 30 reps….
#6 Ab hyper-extensions (like a back bend)- lower slowly 2 sets of 10-15 reps….
#7 AB wheels 1-2 sets of 15 reps…#8

Try it and Let me know if you get sore!!


My little man seems to be feeling better…He’s NOT a morning person like his mamma, so it was rough getting him up this am, but that’s no indication of how he’s feeling, lol!  The other kids are so much better at getting going and Gracie has her field trip today which made her POP out of bed FAST!!

I got in a benching (Chest/tri) workout with the hubby yesterday- so Legs are on tap for today instead.  Which willl be good since I am getting my neck adjusted today at the chiro- I can’t wait!! It’s been at least 6 months since I’ve gone and I LOVE getting adjusted!!!

Today’s also my day to run- so I’ll tackle that too– Maybe this evening-  I really love running at dusk!  I feel like I FLOAT at that time of day!

Okie dokie!! gotta go!!

I’ll be back this afternoon to check in on ya’ll!!  Have a kick-booty day! LOL!!


p.s. I thought this was interesting to discover- a friend of mine from when I competed in the NPC just won Mrs. Arkansas.  She is actually a IFBB figure pro, but I guess decided to quit competing in figure and go for something a little different.  Congrats Michelle Flake!!



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