I love these gloves!

Hello, hello!! First off I want to give a shout out for Tracy of Utah a long time member of team BuffMtoher who just opened  her new LIFTING GLOVE busiiness= www.femmefitalefitness.com

I’m stoked about these gloves!!! Ladies You have GOT to GET a pair !!! www.femmefitalefitness.comI just love these gloves!!

(the pink/black with rhinestone bling)

I wore them yesterday for the first time during my back, shoulder, bicep and and workout- the hardest workout for my grip…

The gloves stood up to …the test! My hands stayed strong, supported and protected!
Plus, I felt pretty!!!

Thanks so much Femme Fitale!


I wrote a big POA yesterday and as you know Plans are meant to be broken…

My day started off with a mess…I didn’t set my alarm, so everyone was late to school today.  And then I needed to bring my son to the DR.  My son’s been a bit sick with a cold the past 3 weeks or so…and on Saturday it went into his ear.  I finally brought him into the DR today and he does have an ear infection.  He’s tough though- back at school and determined to go to FB practice.  I bet he’s like me in that he doesn’t realize how sick he actually is until he feel better.  This will be his first time ever on Anti-biotics– pretty good to make it to 11 with never being sick enough to need them!

It’s now 1pm and I’m finally working on my “to do’s” again.  Oh well….I expect that!  BUT at least I try and I do have to say I am ambitious!  That’s a good thing!!

I ran my sprints yesterday- 6x 100m FAST- the last time I did them (a week earlier) I ran uphill… This time on the flat and it was WAY Easier!!!  I am getting faster and stronger each time I run them!  Then I refueled with RASINS and lifted Back, Sh, Biceps and ABS at the gym. A quick effective workout of about 35 mins total!   I love getting in and getting it done fast:

Warm up- tan
Cybex lat pulls 130x10x3 sets
Knee ups on roman chair 2 sets between sets
Shoulder press machine 70×10, 90×10
Plate side raises 10#plates x15 reps|
Bicep curl machine 45×15, 55×10, 50×10 + lots of short ROM balling bicep at the end of each set
Seated Rows100x10x3
Ab Wheel 1 set of 15 reps
Hyperextension machine- ABS 15 reps and 10 reps SLOW
Low back extensions- 25 reps booty focus!!
Pull ups 9 unassisted slow under hand grip

Then last night Gunner had his first Football game it went into overtime and we finally got home at 9:20

I fell asleep trying to watch MNF!  I was TIRED~!

I gotta go get some work done prior to my workout at 2…see ya later~!!




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