Exciting news~!!!

What'cha doing the Weekend of November 11, 12, 13, 14??

Your invited to a BIG TEAM BUFFMOTHER GATHERING!! in Northern California- where Julie of CA resides- Livermore, CA!

Get read for some fun, excitement, celebration and relaxation!!! :bff:

We haven't made the schedule of events yet, but we do know official events will occur on at least 2 days out of the 4 I've listed :)– I am leaning toward the evening of Friday the 12th  and  morning of Saturday the 13th. But let us know what you think? What would work best for you??

If you think you will attend let us know that too- we'd like to get a rough estimate of interest.
I've already have at least 6 of our leaders who are highly interested in attending- You won't want to miss this event!!

I am so excited :cheer:

Be sure to chime in with your thoughts!!  and any ideas of what you'd like the event to include! We're all ears 🙂

p.s. spouses are welcome and so are your kids- they may not be able to participate in the actual "meeting" but we'll have tons of free/social time 🙂


Location for main event on Nov. 13th is the Hyatt of Dublin/Pleaseanton and a special group room rate of $79 (each room is a suite that has 2 doubles and 1 pull out )- can easily room 3 women- we'll coordinate "roommates"


The best airport to travel to is SFO (San Francisco)

tons more to come 🙂



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