Is it ever Okay to have a pity party??

Is it ever okay to have a pity party??


All it does is make things worse~ giving that kind of energy to the negative doesn’t solve anything! It only makes the problems bigger and more complicated and more damaging etc….

RESIST the urge to fall into the pity party trap!!!! If you feel one coming on- STOP it and do a 360 degree turn around by listing all the positives you can focus on instead. Get your mojo moving in the right direction.  If you can master this one thing you will move forward towards an excellent life!

“Blessed is the WOMAN who perseveres under trial, because when she has stood the test, she will receive the crown…” ~James 1:12

Don’t think I am preaching at you- I have to remind myself of these same concepts too~

Time to get to accomplishing for the week:

Plan of ATTACK:
M-steady run outside”day 15 of 30 day GET BUFF”- day off, but I’m gonna make up day 13’s workout- I missed it.
T-day 16 workout with extra emphasis to glutes- add butt squats
W-run buffing intervals (Day 17) and couple sprints at the end
Th- day 18 lifting heavy day
F-run SPRINTS!!!
Sa-our anniversary 17 years!! OFF??
Sun- off

see ya later babes!!




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