Boo! It's FRIDAY the 13th!

I missed blogging yesterday~ I had a busy “errand” type day. Got loads of stuff done and decided to switch my day off. So yesterday i didn’t workout but today I will.

I have already seen nice results on my scale- man I love BUFFING hormones!!

Wed- cycle day 5-129

Thurs-cycle day 6-127.5

Friday-cycle day 7-126.8!!

Okay, so my diet yesterday was not as good as Wednesday’s but I didn’t do horribly either- Contest day 4’s Diet focus was to have no dairy and I had more than ususal, lol~! I bought some Greek yogurt to try for the first time- had it and got a bloated belly ache- STUPID me~ that’s what always happens when I have dairy, lol!

Today’s diet plan is to be perfect!!

Ill keep a running tally:
2 cups Coffee- w/ half & half and a tsp of sugar
some white tea as Iced tea

Egg whites- from a carton (never really had these b4)- cooked them for 1 min in the micro- stiring 3-4 times in the process- good!

I will go run my sprints in about 10 mins, then I hope to play some tennis later!!!

Gunner started football yesterday, he’s on a the RAVENS- anyhow he WON the 3 kid tug of war tournament!! He was pumped!!  I am excited for him this season!!  I’ll be praying for no injuries!!

k- gotta go get running and running FAST!! I am a speeding bullet

*update* Ran in the 100+ degree heat!  10 mins + 6 X100 meter sprints + 5 min fire hot cool down in it~ I just did and thought I was going to com-bust!~



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