"All Star" Leslie of TX

“All Star” Leslie of TX

Leslie’s fitness goals and challenges are a bit different than many of myclients. She wanted to have more curves and add some muscle to her “skinnyfat” body. Being a mother of 2 daughters, one of them being diabetic, Leslie knows the importance of being a good example to her kids. Leslie worked out for years without getting the results she desired but now on Hormonal Timing,Leslie is finally seeing the progress she craved. Utilizing the power of the Boosting phase has enabled her to finally regain her youthful shape. She is very excited to have her best body ever !

Leslie’s Testimony:

I have always known that I get PMS symptoms every month. Cramps, bloating, irritability,sleepiness, you name it…It was responsible for sabotaging my fitness efforts.Hormonal Timing, along with the supplements that Michelle recommends, have dramatically improved how I feel and how I perform. I think my “light bulb moment” was when I started counting my food portions. To my surprise, I was way low on portions and calories.I think the key point about Hormonal Timing is to get women to recognize the pattern of changes that our bodies go through during our cycles and to work with that pattern to maximize our results from our fitness routines/diet. It is so much easier to work/achieve our goals when we “give ourselves a break” when our bodies need it. We don’t need to deprive ourselves for the rest of our lives to look great! Hormonal Timing is something that is possible to do over a lifetime. I’ve broken plateau that’s been lingering too long!My results have been great!



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