Oh yes!! FREEDOM!

Oh yes!! FREEDOM!!!
First day of school for my little ladies~ they are now in 2nd and 3rd grade! WOW!!! they sure do grow up fast~ The morning was smooth until we got to school- CHAOS!… After about an hour of STRESS- we got everyone and everything set.

My DS was still sleeping when I got home, so I had some quiet time that was actually quiet, YAY!! Then I felt like getting my run done~

Eats and workouts:


10 min run+ 6x100m sprints with some stretching and lunges between during 2.5 min rest + 5min run+ old school sit ups = DONE for the now!!!

eggs 3 with maple sausage patty

tennis later with my man

The fights last night were great and have me hankering for taking my mma class again. I am still dealing with my sciatic a bit- I am 90-95% healthy and think by Sept I may be able to go to class. My goal is to use August as a “get ready” month…so I’ll integrate some boxing, kicking and grappling into my workouts.

In other news…VIKINGS training camp is well underway!! And I am so anxious to see them play~ I just love, love, love the sport of football. It’s my favorite sport by far! anyhow…Favre is still unsure of his return, but I believe he will come back- AND that the VIKES will be SuperBowl Bound!

I am off to get our ALL- STAR August set up and work on our next 30 day challenge which starts next MONDAY- please recruit your friends to join us. it’ll be IN THE RR- but they can partake for FREE with our NEW 30 day free trial!!



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