Good Morning!!!!! TGIF!

GOODMORNING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ladies TGIF- I hope you are having a super FRIDAY! I am glad to be back!! I am just getting rollin’ today~ We made it home a from Kansas City little after midnight last night It was a great 2 days of fun and adventure for our family!

Wed morning we left at a little after 8 and headed north to hit the Royals’ Kauffman Stadium ball park to watch our beloved twins play the Royals for the third game of a serious SLUGFEST of a series by the twins who has SMACKED the Royals with 19-1 and 11-2 wins the previous two games. We were lucky to get some nice seats in the shade cuz it was a HOT Day game!! The twins won 6-4 and off we went to find a hotel near our next day’s destination. WORLDS OF FUN!!

The hotel was close to the park- we could see a couple coasters from our window- the excitement was palpable!! We walked to a neighboring restaurant to eat burgers and fries “Harley and Horses”- they had a couple pool tables there- so I played Gunner (who let Layla and Tia play a bit too) and Gracie played Travis- it was funny seeing the girls try their hand at hitting the balls for the first time. After we digested – we hit the pool area and hot tub- I raced Gunner and got a little swimming lesson time in with the girls. It was fun! We were all sharing a room- so sleep was a bit rough- the kids wouldn’t settle down and Tia was “yelling” all night in her sleep. The night was a rough one~!

So yesterday we slept in as long as we could manage and then the day was all about World’s of FUN! I love amusement parks, but I hadn’t been to one in YEARS- at least 15+ years!! I was STOKED and had high hopes that my entire family would love rides as much as I did. My DH and I made a bet on who if any of our kids would “wimp” out on rides- we both thought Gracie may be the one- She did wimp out a bit, but In the end it was Layla who was the most “scared” of the rides. In all we spent over 8 hours at the park and then opted to drive home because the HOTEL experience was not the best for sleeping conditions. Our kids are not the best sleepers~ We would rather suck it up, drive late into the night, and sleep in our own beds!!

Prowler, Boomerang, Mamba, Timberwolf, Spinning Dragons….and My favorite the Patriot!!

Needless to say- I have had an “off” week of workouts- Most likely a good thing…because I am now HUNGRY! Hungry to workout!! Hungry to be fit!! Hungry for good food!! Time off has been GOOD!!

I have some work to catch up on now~ then the plan is to start football conditioning with my “little man” Gunner, and play tennis with my DH!

Life is good!! Love ya!!




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