Focused On Solutions!

I am keeping Focused on Solutions in my life this week~ POSITVE MENTAL ATTITUDE!! YES!! I am victorious!!

DH and I took yesterday of of tennis but we did lift, an upper body a “Push/Pull” workout:

seated row

lat pulls

Shoulder press

Then today I got up and did a 10 min run followed by 4- 100meter Sprints…and then we played tennis for 1.5 hours in the HOT HUMID weather! I think I sweat about a gallon of water!

I’ll be set to start buffing next week!! YAY! I can’t wait for my brain to start working again~!!

FYI- The crazy hormones made me weigh in at 133 yesterday~ 5 pounds of water over night! I am back down to 128 again today!! YAY!

I gotta go find a solution to my starvation!

See Ya!!


POA goal cross off chart- from Sunday (7/11) to Sunday 7/18)

Lift (1) Sprint (1) Tennis(1)
Lift (2) Sprints (2) Tennis(2)
Lift (3) Run (1) Tennis(3)
Lift (4)
Lift (5)



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