HI!! I am so proud of my competitors- BRENDA and THERESA!! Way to go ladies!! You got up on stage and OWNED IT!!

It gives me so much mojo to see other women go for and attain goals!! I’m so inspired!!

My POA for the week is going to be general once again- I want to lift 4-5 times; sprint 2 times; run another 1 time and play tennis 3 times.

POA goal cross off chart-

Lift (1) Sprint (1) Tennis(1)
Lift (2) Sprints (2) Tennis(2)
Lift (3) Run (1) Tennis(3)
Lift (4)
Lift (5)

the kids are going to have VBS in the mornings and then in the evenings we are going to try to go to the gym where they have kids activities (swimming or workout classes)~ Last week was too rainy for driving across town…but this week looks better.

Travis and I broke down and actually bought ourselves some tennis racquets yesterday. Up to this poing we’d been using the gyms~ but they were closed for renovations yesterday so we were forced to buy some šŸ™‚ It’s a good thing! Now we can play whenever we want!

Well, I’ve gotta go! we are going to a football field to PUNT, PASS and KICK! Gunner and Gracie may do the local PPK contest this year!! should be fun!!



p.s. Today, cycle day 25, I am FIGHTING~ I am fighting with the evil, mean, mad, angry thoughts that continualy swell up in my head as I look at the mess surrounding me~ I am fighting with the desire to FREAK OUT about my messy house! NOTHING in the world make me more frustrated than cleaning…I must focus on the solution- to BREATH, count to ten and walk away!! and I need to get a cleaning lady~!

ADDING today’s WORKOUT today~ Lifting~ Basics wk#1- full body

warm up- push ups 12 reps
45#x15 (warm up)
95#x 10 x 2sets
115# x 9 x2sets
45×15 (warm up)

Pull ups 10, 8

Knee ups
4×25 (set 1 after bench, set 2 after squats, set 3 after set 1 of pull ups, set 4 affter pull ups)
2×15 (set 1 after set 1 of pull ups, set 2 affter pull ups)

Punt pass kicking @park 45mins of various activity
Hip lifts, rotation, boxing drills, stationary lunges with butt out, hip thrust, stretching, knee extensions (light- 2sets)- all between lifting sets
Went up to Kingswood Park in Bella vista so the kids could play at the GREAT park there in the shade while DD and I hit TENNIS! FUN!! We were there for close to 2 hours



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