3rd Day of Tennis in a Row

I feel like I missed Monday last week~ It felt good to have a real Monday this week!

The kids are at VBS this morning~ FUN!! But it’s going to be over too soon! Just one more hour of freedom, lol!!

The weather here is a bit thunderstormish- my planned workout is to do intervals- running would be optimal, but I’ll have to play that by ear.

Currently I am trying to sync my crazy old Iphone- my desktop computer wouldn’t even recognize it as a device- so I am trying to get it done on my laptop- so far it looks like it’s working- wish me luck.

POA goal cross off chart- from Sunday (7/11) to Sunday 7/18)

Lift (1) Sprint (1) Tennis(1)
Lift (2) Sprints (2) Tennis(2)
Lift (3) Run (1) Tennis(3)
Lift (4)

Today was our 3rd day of playing tennis in a row and my body seemed to be telling me that the entire time I was on the court, lol!

We played for 1.5 hours~ and I had some good and bad streaks- the worst part was when a bug flew right into my eye during a game!

when we got home from tennis I did an extra 10 mins of intervals on my u bike~ good for today!!

Gotta go get the kids to be~ day 2 of getting up early for VBS means they will be tired in the am!



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