Standing Abs

NO Equipment, no problem– you can still get a great cardio workout and for your abs too!




No Equipment

Welcome to my workout room – this is my bedroom. It’s Saturday, January 13th, 2007.  I’m going to show you a little bit about some fun ab work, some fun cardio that you can do without any equipment whatsoever. The basics of it are that you don’t need a jump rope, you don’t need any equipment. You can really do a good cardio workout and a good ab workout.

Now you can see that my abs are nice and thin today. They’re sucked in, good posture and you want to work those intercostal muscles so practice sucking it in, keeping the abs nice and tight while we do all of the movements. We’re shooting for long lean muscles. So up nice and tall, nice long lean midsection, sucking it in the entire time so that when we are relaxed it doesn’t pooch out. So we want to have it nice and firm like this. Ok.

First drill is just hopping. So just hopping in itself, keeping those abs in, just like jumping rope but without any upper body movement.
And we also have skiing jumping. You go side to side. You can get your arms into it like you’re skiing. Nice open chest, long and lean stomach. You can see the obliques working. Keep that stomach sucked, that’s half the battle. You can hear how much it works for cardio with my breathing.  

And then you can go into the sprinter drills where you’re skipping. Take those nice exaggerated skip. Really crunching those abs. You can do many versions of this. You can go straight forward. You can go to the sides a little bit where you’re crunching your obliques. You can really exaggerate the crunch by crunching your upper body toward your knee even more. And then of course you want the long and lean motion in there. Sucking it in, chest high, knees high.

Do a minute of that, followed by a minute of recovery where you’re just jumping or maybe just walking in place. Don another minute of that and that’s called interval training. Where you take a minute working really hard, take a minute to recover, then go again. A lot of times you’re not recovered yet, but just get right back on it. You can do a minute of each kind to keep up the variety.  Make sure you’re not favoring one side over the other. I can tell I’m favoring my right side a little bit so I’m going to work my left side a little harder. There we go.

So have fun with that. It’s a way to do cardio without any equipment.



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