Movies = Joy!

I love relaxing to a good movie.  It’s often a good family time and an escape.  I really enjoy movies.  I prefer watching them at home in bed to a theater.  It’s less stressful and much more comfortable.  Just this week we’ve watched a couple good movies : “Invictus” and “the Edge of Darkness!” a few other newer ones I’ve enjoyed have been “Crazy Heart”, “the Messenger”, “the Road”, “Great Expectations”…What movies have you enjoyed recently?

Some of my all time favorites are:

Dumb and Dumber
Legends of the Fall
50 First dates

What are some of your favoirtes?

I’m on vacation and I am really trying to limit the amount of work I do over the next few days~ After all it’s a FREEDOM Celebration, right?! I should be FREE!!
This moring I enjoyed the freedom by playing tennis with the hubby for 2 hours again…it wasn’t as fun today.  I felt slow~ and a bit old, lol!  Oh well…It takes some of those days in order to keep improving.

Enjoy your freedom this weeekend!!  I’m off now to workout and then have fun with the fhubby!!  VBS starts tonight!  My DH and I will be FREE for 2 whole hours, what should we do??

I’m sure we’ll think of something fun,




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