Lots going on = Joy!

I love it when I have Lots going on, to me being BUSY= JOY!!!  I hate, hate, hate being bored- so since busy is the opposite of bored I love it!  From time to time I do need to “decompress” and do nothing and rest- that’s the way God made us, right? Busy, busy, busy for 6/7 th’s of my life is just about perfect! 

Today I’m in the ZONE~ finishing work now, before the LONG Holiday weekend! Tomorrow my weekend starts!! I’ll be playing tennis, golfing, lifting weights, sprinting, lighting fireworks, BBQ’ing, playing all sorts of games….all because I am FREE!!


How are you celebrating our FREEDOM??


“Come meet me Michelle Berger in Springfield, MO at the Akins 75th Anniversary Party… July 10th!! We’ll be giving out FREE Sublime Whey Icy-Cold smoothies, FREE ‘Team Sublime Shirts’ and Akins will have a Buy 1 Get 1 50% SALE on all NRG-X Labs items… check out the radio commercial nation-wi…de on 99.5 Hit-FM for more details; hope to see you there!!!”

Listen to the radio ad:


I also found some fun workotu clothes today on this site: http://www.deezfit.com/newarrivals.aspx

I’m off to work on some training stuff and then I have 3 back to back phone calls with some VERY important BuffMother’s!!

Have fun being BUSY this weekend~ may you find JOY in all you do!!




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